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What is Academic WorldQuest

​Academic WorldQuest is a flagship program of the World Affairs Councils system. The game was invented by the

Charlotte Council and is now widely played at the adult and high school levels around the country. It is a team game

testing competitors’ knowledge of international affairs, geography, history, and culture. The World Affairs Council of America started the national competition in Washington, DC in March 2003. Participants come from

high schools that work with the World Affairs Councils network. The 2024 Academic

WorldQuest National Competition takes place in Washington, DC from April 19-20, 2024.

Academic WorldQuest is a team game testing high school students' knowledge of international affairs. The competition is played between four-person teams who answer rounds of questions projected by PowerPoint onto a screen. 
What to Know
The questions test their knowledge of current affairs, world leaders, geography, recent history, flags, international organizations, countries, regions, the world economy, culture, religion,
and more.
How to Succeed
A full competition is 100 questions, 10 rounds of 10 questions per round. The winning team is the team with the highest number of correct answers.
Who Participates
Over 3,000 students compete in AWQ contests organized by 40+ World Affairs Councils hosts in their states. 

The national competition is attended by 200-250 of the nation's most promising high school students each year, along with their parents, teachers, and chaperones.
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How Does AWQ Impact My Future?
Academic WorldQuest offers numerous benefits, including preparing you for future international studies and careers in the global economy.

The opportunity to meet representatives from area companies and universities and hear about future international opportunities.
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How to Register

If you are a student or teacher and would like more information or to register a team, please contact us today.

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